Internet Marketing Goo-roos Scream
Bloody Murder!

All these over-hyped trainings shouting 'hustle!' and 'funnels!' are amusing," says this slacker email coach who routinely gets praised by the world's highest paid marketers and copywriters.
If you have a business with a list and an offer, I can show you how to as much as double your sales writing a simple email each day — and in less time than it takes to watch your favorite TV show.

Dear Friend,

If you want the rare ability to make sales in your business practically every time you send an email to your list, then this letter will show you how.

Here's the deal:

I've created a monthly newsletter called:

Email Players

However, it is very expensive.

And, it's definitely NOT for everyone.

Here's what I mean:

Ben Settle

Shows businesses how to

make far more sales

in far less time

using email

Email Players is an offline (paper & ink) newsletter featuring a mixture of hard email marketing teaching and instruction, along with psycho analysis of emails working for me, and sometimes for my other subscribers. So you'll see what's worked and what didn't work... What I'm doing in various markets (I dabble in several)... How I'm building my lists... And how you can apply what I'm doing to your business. Each issue is packed with actionable techniques (and even templates, in some cases) designed to...

Make Your Business

Lots Of New Sales

The Same Day

You Use Them!

That's my goal for you.

I want you to be able to rip open each issue, read it in one sitting, and then immediately use the information (by sending an email to your list that DAY) to make your monthly subscription price back in spades. And then (as long as you have a quality list you are consistently building) keep making new sales practically every time you send an email out.


You also get a few valuable perks when subscribing, too.

The first of which is my book...

The Email Players Skhēma Book

This physical book (there is no pdf available) is shipped to your home.

It's a small, travel friendly sized (i.e. 5 x 8, with small font, you've been warned...), 135-page email marketing field manual that is a condensed & completely updated version of my $795.00 Street Smart Email methodology (which is no longer for sale anywhere else for any price). And it teaches the exact methods I used to collectively (for clients and my own projects) help generate tens of millions of dollars in sales in the internet's most competitive niches — like golf, weight loss, home business, self defense, and internet marketing. It's also designed to quickly bring you up to speed on the Settle way of writing emails before you even receive your 1st issue. (It even includes two detailed appendixes on how to build a responsive email list from scratch for free).

Some of the tips inside this book include:

  • A "stealth" way to write emails that look like content and teaching… but are really pure selling. (This little-known type of email looks nothing like a sales pitch, is eagerly read by most people, and does a FAR better job of selling than the direct approach. Page 35)
  • The "nuclear option" subject line that is so potent it's almost guaranteed to get opened by lots of people on your list. (Even by people who never open your emails! Page 12)
  • Hands down the most "slacker-friendly" way for writing super profitable emails you'll probably ever see. (Not only does this let you write emails people want to read and buy from… but it lets you write emails extremely fast — and sometimes even in as little as 4 minutes per day. Page 44)
  • Exactly how many emails to send before asking for the sale. (This comes straight from one of the internet's savviest email testers. Page 74)
  • An email storytelling method that can wake up even the most bored and apathetic person — with them "leaning in" to read your emails start to finish. (This was routinely used by a negotiation expert whose book is "required reading" at several prestigious business schools. And it's one of the single most effective ways to get attention in emails I've ever used. Turn to page 107 for an example of how it works.)
  • The completely un-scientific (but eerily reliable) way to test emails without using any tracking links or software. (It's astonishing how few people know this, yet it costs nothing and even a "technologically illiterate" person can do it. Pages 77-78)
  • A neurological discovery that lets even total newbies write emails that get read, clicked, and bought from. (This is what lets people who are brand spanking new to email quickly bring in sales right off the bat. Page 38)
  • 21 examples of how to turn ordinary, "boring" events into dozens of profitable emails. (I've made sales from emails talking about everything from my dog pooping in the rain to the time I farted in study hall as a kid. Learn how to do this, and you can spin almost ANYTHING that happens to you or your business into sales. Turn to page 110 to see how it's done.)
  • Exactly what to write in your first auto-responder message that can (1.) Bond new subscribers to you right away 2.) Build unbreakable trust and 3.) Persuade new subscribers to buy what you're selling on the first contact. (Pages 74-75)
  • How to plug your business's products or services in every email you send out… without sounding obnoxious or turning people off. (In fact, do it the way I show you, and people might sometimes even thank you for plugging your products. Page 58)
  • What to do to the links in your emails to get even your most skeptical and hostile prospects to trust you. (I learned this technique from email marketing "pioneer" Ken McCarthy, and it's one of the single best ways to build long term readership and buyers I've ever seen. Also on page 58.)
  • The "un sexy" subject line format that often gets unusually high open rates when tested. (Just for kicks, I once used this kind of subject line as an ezine article title, and it got more views within 3 months… than all my highest viewed articles did in the previous 3 years! Page 17)
  • How to write emails in a special way (used all the time by WebMD and other certain popular health sites) that can have people glued to your emails and other content — reading what you say top to bottom. (And, believe it or not, even in some cases for hours at a time! See page 92-93)
  • The #1 easiest way to write a profitable email. (Believe it or not, your brain wants you to write this way… and your prospect's brains want you to deliver the information in this exact format. Page 39)
  • How to use strange and bizarre events to stick out like a sore thumb in your readers' inboxes almost every time. (Especially when surrounded with a bunch of the "same old, same old" goo-roo email babbling offers. Page 19)
  • How to virtually eliminate spam complaints by sending more email. (I admit, this secret is a little weird, but if you follow my instructions, it works like gangbusters to get near-zero spam complaints. Pages 78-79)
  • How to use a $100 billion wholesaler company's secret merchandising methodology to "bat out" daily emails that not only are hard for people ignore, but can be even harder to resist buying from!

Let's take a quick rest for a second.

After observing me do this secret you will find on pages 47-48, the great Brian Kurtz — who has overseen over $100 million in direct mail, email, and TV advertising, and also has worked with pretty much every A-list copywriter alive today, and quite a few of the long-deceased ones, too — gave me a testimonial about it to a company we both spoke at a few years ago.

Frankly, this is the backbone of my entire email methodology.

It's also what I believe will let almost any business's emails stand out in the inbox over all the dozens of distractions (social media alerts, text messages, skype calls, phone calls, emails, screaming children, ringing doorbells… etc), but also get read and bought before anyone else in the inbox, too.

Best part?

Most marketers never bother to master this skill.

But the few of us who do, simply don't worry about "competition."

If anything, we welcome it, because it makes our emails stand out.

Here are even more secrets inside this book I will send you when you subscribe to "Email Players" today:

  • The secret reason why valuable free content emails are now deleted in MASS today. (And how to make sure you're not one of "the deleted." Page 34)
  • Why it's a big mistake to say "click here" or use many other popular call-to-action words in your emails. (Besides the spam filters zapping your message, there's another hidden reason why this destroys sales. Here's what to do with your links instead. Page 54)
  • Which is better — HTML or plain text emails? (Obviously, you have to test to learn the answer for your business. BUT, what's not so obvious is that using the most responsive format can actually hurt your sales long term. Here's what I suggest doing instead… Page 57)
  • A secret spammer technique that lets legitimate marketers legally and ethically get more sales. (Don't worry, people like when you do this — and often welcome it. Page 54)
  • 13 ways to write subject lines that crawl right into peoples' "psychology." (Do this right and readers almost cannot resist at least opening your emails and checking out what you have to say. See pages 12-31)
  • How to knock out profitable emails even if you hate writing and find it extremely hard. (It's a statistical fact that most people hate writing. Here's a "fool proof" way to make writing not only easy, but fun! Page 37)
  • How watching a certain popular TV show (from the 1990's) can dramatically increase the response of your emails. (I've gotten many of my best, and most profitable email themes and ideas just from watching this show. Page 70)
  • How to "program" (like a computer) your brain to give you an almost unlimited number of ideas for your emails at will. (This is how I'm able to write daily emails for multiple businesses almost without strain. In fact, when you do this, your problem won't be coming up with new ideas… it will be trying to remember them all… Pages 68-71)
  • The secret Ronald Reagan negotiation strategy that can make almost any email more responsive and profitable. (This little-known tip has also been used by some of history's other most persuasive men and women. Here's how to use it in your emails. Page 37)
  • The one kind of subject line to use if you absolutely MUST get the email opened. (The late, great copywriter Gary Halbert did this all the time in his most successful sales letters and ads. Page 15)
  • The best way to write emails if you are selling information. (And also… the best way to write emails if you are selling a service or a physical product. Page 35)
  • Is there a best time of the day for sending emails? (Someone asked what time of the day I would send out an email if I was going to be be-headed if the recipient did not open it. Here's my answer. Pages 75-76)
  • Clever ways (used by some of the internet's top email marketers) to reduce spam complaints and unsubscribes. (Some of these ways are "unorthodox", but they all work, and chances are your competition is NOT using them. Page 80)
  • What to put in your emails that can make them almost impossible not to get noticed before any other emails in the inbox. (You can see this phenomenon in the movie "The Matrix", and it works almost unbelievably well in emails, social media posts, sales copy, and anywhere else you sell.) (Page 107)
  • Word-for-word, the single most important part of your email to test. (Many tests show this "sleepy" part of your email can be even MORE important than your subject line! Page 81)
  • The most profitable number of times to plug your links in an email. (And why the "P.S." is not always the best place to put a link! Page 83)
  • The "water cooler" subject line that is extremely hard for people to resist opening. (I figured this out several years ago while watching people yapping away at a job I worked at. Best part: It takes little or no creativity whatsoever. Page 43)
  • A small change you can make in the way you distribute your emails that is so powerful, there is only one case I know where it did NOT increase response. (Chances are you are already doing this but, just in case… see page 56 and adjust accordingly if needed.)
  • And a whole lot more, including…

A (completely legal and ethical) way to use content other people put out to make more sales from your emails (page 68)… A secret writing "trick" (discovered by a computer scientist) for getting unusually high readership and, if you do it right, sales (page 51)… A "dignified" way to use bad grammar to make more sales in your business with email (page 53)… How to quickly knock out profitable emails when you're not feeling energetic or have "brain fog" (page 42)… A laughably simple way to write emails that gets people to want to immediately take action to solve the problem your product solves and… usually look to you as the only person they want to buy from to solve it (page 96)… and even…

A 30-Day

Double Your Profits

Email Marketing Game Plan.

I cannot promise you any specific results.

But this special appendix shows you exactly what to write for the next 30 days to potentially as much as double your business's sales with email. (Possibly even more than double... depending on your list and how frequently you mail it now).

I tell you exactly what emails to write on which days.

And, I even give you a breakdown of how each email works.

Short of writing emails FOR you...

I Cannot Possibly

Make It Easier For You

To Make Lots Of New Sales

With Email!

But hang on... we're still not done.

When you subscribe today, you also get:

  • Email access to me with your questions — You can ask me any questions you want about email marketing, copywriting, marketing, business (and anything else I'm qualified to answer) and I'll reply to you personally. I don't do critiques, and I can't be your pen pal (yes, there are limits on this). But basically, if you're stuck, confused, or just need guidance....let me know and I'll give you advice. Nobody gets this kind of access to me outside of a small handful of business friends and peers. But you will get this personal access when you subscribe to Email Players.

"I think Ben is the light heavyweight champion of email copywriting. I ass-lo think we'd make Mayweather money in a unification title bout!"

— Matt Furey
Zen Master Of The Internet®
President of The Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation

"Good copy intoxicates me. Yours is high proof. I'm enjoying it."

— Gary Bencivenga
Universally acknowledged as
the world's greatest living copywriter)

"I'm so busy but there's some guys like Ben Settle w/incredible daily emails that I always read."

-Russell Brunson
World class Internet marketer,
author, and speaker

"Of all the people I follow there's so much stuff that comes into my inbox from various copywriters and direct marketers and creatives, your stuff is about as good as it gets."

–Brian Kurtz
Executive vice president, Boardroom Inc.
Named Marketer of the Year
by Target Marketing magazine

"Just want you to know I get great advice and at least one chuckle… or a slap on the forehead 'duh'… every time I read your emails!."

–-Carline Anglade-Cole
AWAI's Copywriter of the Year Award winner and A-list copywriter who has written for Oprah and continually writes control packages for the world's most prestigious (and competitive) alternative health direct marketing companies

"Ben's emails are PERFECT examples of how to sell with email… how to be a welcome guest in someone's inbox rather than a persistent pest… how to sell with story… and how to create a persona that draws people to you like controversy to Donald Trump."

-David Deutsch,
Freelance copywriter with
multi-million dollar controls
for the best and biggest mailing houses in the world

"I start my day with reading from the Holy Bible and Ben Settle's email, not necessarily in that order."

–Richard Armstrong
"A List" direct mail copywriter
whose clients have included Rodale,
Boardroom, Reader's Digest, Men's
Health, Newsweek, Prevention
Health Magazine, the ASCPA and,
even, The Limbaugh Letter

"The f'in' hottest email copywriter on the web now."

-David Garfinkel
The World's Greatest
Copywriting Coach

"I read and study every single one of [Your] emails. AND YOU are one of the only people, Ben, who touches the true PULSE of what is realllllly going on today…I wake up to READ YOUR WORDS. I learn from you and study exactly how you combine words + feelings together."

–Lori Haller
"A-List" graphic designer who has
worked on control ads for Gary
Bencivenga, Clayton Makepeace,
Oprah Winfrey, and more..

"Your emails are one of the very few I read and study. And your laid back style.. is just perfect!."

–Ryan Lee
Best-selling Author
"Entrepreneur" Magazine Columnist

"I love your emails. Your e-mail style is stunningly effective."

–Bob Bly
The man McGraw-Hill calls "America's top copywriter"
and bestselling author of over 75 books

"You are saying, in very arresting ways, things I've been trying to teach marketers and copywriters for 30 years. Keep up the good work!"

–Mark Ford
aka Michael Masterson
Co-founder of AWAI

"You're damn brilliant, dude…I really DO admire your work, my friend!"

–-Brian Keith Voiles
A-list copywriter who has written winning ads for prestigious clients such as Jay Abraham, Ted Nicholas, Dr. Stephen R. Covey, Robert Allen, and Gary Halbert.

"Ben Settle is my email marketing mentor"

–– Tom Woods
Senior fellow of the Mises Institute
New York Times Bestselling Author
Prominent libertarian historian and
author, host of one of the longest
running and most popular
libertarian podcasts on the planet

"Ben is the KING of email"

–-Lloyd Irvin
Two time National Judo Champion
World No-Gi Championship winner
National Russian Sambo champion
World Champion in Brazilian Jujitsu
Trainer to numerous gold medal winners and professional athletes

"Reading my (or should I say my husband's) Email Players newsletter and tried a different type of subject line in my email today and my open rate went through the roof!"

–-Vicki Irvin
Nationally acclaimed Speaker,
Amazon bestselling Author, And TV & radio show host

"I started following Ben about 9 months ago, and basically everything he claims is true. I signed up with 'Email Players', I'm a very good student, I follow everything he instructs and advises on in the newsletter and it works. It really just works. So put your ego aside, sign up, get it and follow direction well and you will have the results that he claims."

–– Lisa Rangel
Owner of Chameleon Resumes
(A Forbes top 100 ranked career website)

"You're an email poet"

–– Nick Usborne
30+ year A-list copywriter
Founding father of Web 2.0 copywriting

"The best out there when it comes to email."

–– Kevin Rogers
Copy Chief & former stand-up comic

"Ben writes some of the most compelling subject lines I've ever seen, and implements a very unique style in his blog. Honestly, I can't help but look when I get an email, or see a new post from him in my Google Reader."

-Dr. Glenn Livingston

"You've actually become the 'Seinfeld of email'. What you've done is managed to create a whole new field within email. The strategies you use are really complex and well thought out. I doubt most people could figure out all of the stuff you've been doing."

-Roger Haeske

"I'm saving quite a few of your emails into a folder on my Eudora – because studying them is ITSELF an education into marketing by email."

-Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian

"His advice has ALWAYS helped increase sales. His E-mail Players newsletter is perhaps the best e-mail training for marketing I've ever come across (and I've seen ALL of them)."

-Sanjay Pande
Top Marketing Specialist

"For years Ben swore to me that email was all you need to create huge sale activity. A few weeks ago, I asked his advice on a new product launch I was doing. Followed his advice, almost blindly…and within days the sales started rolling in. i didn't think it would happen with me! Until it happened…"

-Jim Yaghi
Computer Scientist

"The business is so big now. Prob 4x the revenue since when we first met… and had you in! Claim credit, as it did correlate!

–Joseph Schriefer
Copy Chief at Agora Financial

  • First dibs at email copywriting clients — Sometimes (and there are no guarantees when this will happen, so don't subscribe just for this) businesses request my email services, and "Email Players" subscribers get first crack at these clients, if you are interested.
  • Special discounts on my other products — Including my existing product line and future products.
  • Bonus teachings — At times I also include bonus interviews, videos and/or special reports on email, copywriting, and related topics (such as list building, traffic generation, etc).

Anyway, here's the deal:

Email Players is $97 per month and shipping is free no matter what country you live in.

There is also no refunds on subscriptions.

But, you can cancel any time, for any reason, immediately, and without hassle.

Fact is this newsletter really is not intended for everyone. And the vast majority of businesses online don't qualify.

For example...

Email Players is not for business owners who can't focus and never implement anything (while complaining about information overload)... Or for businesses on a tight budget (even though it is only $3.23 per day, I still would not recommend going into debt to subscribe)... Or goo-roo fanboys who think they can learn a super secret ninja email trick today and be rich by next Thursday.

If that's you, don't waste your time.

I'm sure there's a place for you somewhere.


It Ain't

This Newsletter!

And there's no pressure to stay on board, either.

My inner circle of email players and I will continue to bend the marketing world to our will whether you stay or quit. In fact, if you're not prepared to implement what you learn... or if you're just temporarily excited about the above perks and are not ready to do real work... then you should not subscribe.

This is for aggressive marketers only.

If you're not an aggressive marketer, you'll simply waste your money.

Anyway, there's a lot of money to be made online.

And people who know email are scooping it up — fast.

Now it's time to choose if you want in or not.

Click the Join Email Players button below to give it a shot.

The Email Players Skhēma Book is sent immediately and you'll receive your first issue on the next scheduled mailing.

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I agree to the Terms and Conditions and I have read the cancellation policy. I understand The Email Players Newsletter is $97 per month, and that I will be billed once upon subscribing, and then once every 30 days afterwards unless I cancel. I also understand there are no refunds on subscriptions, but that I can cancel any time via the email, phone number or address at the bottom of this page.

NOTE: You must agree to the subscription terms by checking the box above in order to continue your order.

See you on the other side,

Ben Settle


Do you have this available in pdf or digitally?


If you're asking this then that means you didn't carefully read the sales letter you're looking at, which means I don't want you subscribing anyway. I want people to think through this investment, not just blindly subscribe like a drooling biz opp addict without a real business, who hops from one deal to the next without ever sticking with anything.

Do I get free access to the back issues?

Once in a while (maybe once per year or so, and randomly) I send a catalog to paying subscribers where you can purchase back issues at the same price everyone else paid for them.

Do you accept PayPal?


Do you really black list people from re-subscribing who have canceled?

Yep, but there are exceptions.

This isn't internet goo-roo fantasy land. Using my methods takes work and it won't create sales out of thin air like some magic genie. If your business doesn't have a list (even if it's just a small list) that you are always trying to grow, and if you don't have an offer people want, there's nothing I can do to help your business.

"Email Players" is a long term marathon, not a sprint.

If you think you're going to "make money!" getting the free bonus book and an issue or two, save your time and money. That's like taking a body building supplement and exercising for one month, not getting ripped, then canceling and buying something else.

I want nothing to do with people like that.

(Yes, even if costs me sales, so be it...)

If you aren't willing to give "Email Players" at least a few months and work at it 15-30 minutes per day (i.e. write and email the way I teach and send it to your list, really, I promise, it's not complicated) then you aren't qualified for this. You'll either make more new sales for your business or you won't. If you do, why would you ever quit? If you don't, why would you stay and why would you want to come back?

Pretty simple.

Why don't you do a trial issue like ____ does?

You do get a free trial issue (in pdf) when you opt in to my main list. If you haven't read that issue and implemented the info inside, you shouldn't even be thinking about subscribing to "Email Players".

I don't sell information can I use "Email Players" to get clients?


It's all the same — there is no difference between writing an email selling a product, or a service, eCommerce, or anything else using my system. Coaches, freelance copywriters, consultants, and any other service provider can make out like bandits using my system. That is, if your business has a strong offer people want and you are building a list.

Here's something else:

I have yet to see a product my methods can't sell.

I am sure there are products it won't work with. But, I have yet to see one. As long as you have a product people want and an email list of people who want it, I cannot fathom my methods not working.

I can't make you any guarantees, of course.

But, that has been my experience so far.

Does your email methodology work for MLM?

Of course.

Again, it's all the same — but I suggest focusing on the retail product side of your business, and not just hawking your "opportunity."

Can affiliate marketers use "Email Players"?

Not only can you use my methods, but whenever I use my system as an affiliate I often do better than even the "guru" affiliates I compete against. Again, I can't guarantee you anything. But, that is my experience.

I am a freelance copywriter do you get a lot of client opportunities that you pass on to "Email Players" subscribers?

Not really.

They happen, and sometimes I get more than one at a time. But it doesn't happen all the time (could go months without seeing a client gig, or could get 3 in a day) and so I would definitely not recommend subscribing just for that.

I sell B2B will "Email Players" work for me?

One last time, it's all the same.

I don't care if your business sells b2b to CEO's, informational products, fiction, freelance services, commodities (like socks, for example), MLM, consumable products, or even if you're raising money to save the friggin' spotted owl. Obviously, you want to modulate your content to your market. What's most important is the principles behind my methods. The themes you use. And, yes, the psychology behind the emails. All of which I teach in the "The Email Players Skhēma Book" that comes with your subscription, and inside the newsletter each month.

I agree to the Terms and Conditions and I have read the cancellation policy. I understand The Email Players Newsletter is $97 per month, and that I will be billed once upon subscribing, and then once every 30 days afterwards unless I cancel. I also understand there are no refunds on subscriptions, but that I can cancel any time via the email, phone number or address at the bottom of this page.

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