Short Book By Self-Described “7-Figure Slacker” Reveals His Secret Methods For Relentlessly Pounding Out All The Money-Making Content You Need… For Your Business' Emails, Sales Copy, Social Media, Books, eBooks, Courses, Blogs, Videos, Podcasts, Articles, Newsletters, Membership Sites, & Even Fiction — All At…



Short Book By Self-Described “7-Figure Slacker” Reveals His Secret Methods For Almost Effortlessly Pounding Out All The Money-Making Content You Need… For Your Business' Emails, Sales Copy, Social Media, Books, eBooks, Courses, Blogs, Videos, Podcasts, Articles, Newsletters, Membership Sites, & Even Fiction — All At… “Breakneck” Speed!

Dear Friend,

If you are interested in learning some secret ways for quickly pounding out high quality, money-making content for your business… then this letter can show you how.

Here’s the story:

A while back I wrote & published a book called…

“Breakneck Content”

This short book is easily read in one or two sittings.

But, it’s also extremely expensive, too — with no guarantees or refunds. Plus, it’s only intended for aggressive content creators who live & die by their content… who want to learn something they can potentially use today & see results in their bank account by tomorrow… and who understand the un-sexy “formula” known by history’s wealthiest & most respected content creators: To make more money than you do now, simply create more content than you do now, faster than you do now.

Which is exactly what this book is designed to do.

And to prove it, here are some of the secrets inside:

  • How to legally & ethically lift other podcasterscontent to create your email, article, social media, & book/eBook contentand do it without needing their permission or breaking any copyright laws. Page 63
  • The nitty-gritty details about how to use your smartphone to potentially & possibly almost instantly create a content-based subscription/continuity income stream for your current business. Pages 61 & 62
  • A wildly successful eBay seller’s secret that is quite possibly the single fastest, easiest, and most profitable way for creating video content ever invented. Page 35
  • The exact best times of the day to create content you are procrastinating on. Page 81
  • The amateur writers guide to quickly & painlessly writing eBooks so they (1) flow logically (2) are inherently fascinating & interesting and (3) are overwhelmingly valuable. Pages 40-41
  • The “priests & prostates” twist (used by a highly respected author who was also one of history’s most prolific & successful direct mail copywriters) that can make boring content almost instantly more fascinating! Page 23
  • A free app you can put on your smart phone that can potentially shave hours off the time it normally takes you to create written content. Page 71
  • An old school (and almost laughably obvious, yet still underused) way to “judo flip” mundane ideas & concepts into irresistibly enticing content your audience can’t get enough of! Pages 56-57
  • The little-known story behind how two of the internets most prolific & respected content creators belt out loads of new book & other contentand how to start doing the same thing for your business the first day you learn it. Page 43
  • How an almost inhumanly-productive business author & copywriter (who has written 100 books & probably 1,000+ ads) “tricks” his brain into cranking out exciting new content for up to 12 hours per day — and without ever getting bored or burned out! Page 79
  • How one of the worlds laziest article writers in the weight loss niche was able to quickly pump out some 2,000+ pages of unique and valuable content about the exact same tips over and over and over again… without strain or stress, or sounding repetitive. Pages 32-33
  • A trick used by one of today’s most-published authors of political books for making super complex, technical, and jargon-filled topics (legal, medical, financial, etc) fast to write and simple & easy to understand. Page 64
  • A truly no brainer(yet almost always overlooked) way to use bonus & premium content to pre-sell future offers you havent even created yet! Page 34
  • A radically unorthodox way (you will likely never see anyone else do) to write article resource boxes that can realistically as much as double your clicks, engagement, and sales! Pages 46-48
  • Marvel Comicssecret to creating your business’s very own content marketing universeof offers people love buy, use, and tell others about! Pages 36-37
  • One of history's highest paid copywriter’s secret that introverts can use to potentially create millions of dollars worth of content in record time. Page 16
  • One of history'ss highest-paid comicbook writers secret that extroverts can use to potentially create millions of dollars worth of content in record time. Page 17
  • A sneaky way to use spellcheck to foil lazy content creators who want to swipe, steal, or copy your product titles. Pages 28-29
  • Note-for-note the single best kind of music to create written content toand a special way of listening to it that can goose up your focus & concentration as much as ten fold! Pages 19-20
  • How to “sexy-up” article titles for maximum readership & engagement. Pages 49-50
  • The 1-second trick for making sure your content is dramatically more valuable than it would be otherwise. Page 21
  • A Hollywood screenwriting tip for creating content people almost can’t ignore or look away from… even if they’re busy, distracted, or have more pressing things to do! Page 120
  • Advice for how to create a pen name for maximum sales & impact. Page 44
  • The secret technique that can make all your content (audio, video, or text) more engaging than your competition’s… even if their content is “better” than yours! Pages 25-27
  • The stick figure method for when you absolutely HAVE to create contentbut your brain wants you to procrastinate. Page 92
  • How to write an entire novel in as little as 14 days or less… even if you’re the slowest writer on the planet now! Page 42
  • An inside look at how to use an ordinary pen & clean sheet of paper to get more people buying from you, going to your opt-in pages, or taking whatever action it is you want them to. Pages 30-31
  • How to find lost time hidden in even the most brutal, “daily grind” schedule to help create more content than you currently do. Pages 84-85
  • A powerful method for quickly & cheaply turning a single article youve written into 2, 5, even 10 or more completely unique articles. Pages 52-53
  • A 72-word lesson on why you may very well have already created thousands — possibly even millions — of dollars worth of content… and where to find, extract, and use it to profit from it right away. Page 39
  • 6 secrets to having almost superhuman-like productivity when creating any kind of content. Pages 74-85
  • How to use an ordinary dog leash to help create a near–bottomless well of video content to use as membership site trainings, bonuses, and sales tools… or convert to podcasts, book/eBook content or anything else you want. Page 51
  • Why some of the most productive & prolific content creators in the world are extremely busy & stressed single moms (with sometimes only minutes per day to work on their content) and how to “tap” into how they do it for your content creation. Pages 79-80
  • How to subtly make content you create also sell your other offers… and without anyone noticing or getting mad at you for it. Page 59
  • An Old West posse secret you can use today to pump out hundreds (maybe even thousands) of pages of content over timeall without suffering even a single second of burnout or writers block. Pages 65-66
  • A secret way to use your smart phone to cut your writing time in half (for emails, social media, sales copy, etc) the very next time you sit down to write. Page 38
  • A quick tweak you can apply to any kind of content you create that can make even basic, “fundamental”, and outright boring concepts more interesting & thrilling for your customers & audience. Page 60

All right, here is the deal:

Breakneck Content is a small, quick-reading print book (no PDF or digital copy exists) that costs U.S. $188.00 with free shipping worldwide. If you can’t wrap your head around why that’s a bargain for aggressive content creators who live & die by the amount of content they create… then simply don’t buy it.

Plus, as I mentioned earlier in this letter…

There Is No Money-Back Guarantee,

And All Sales Are Final.

You’re either in 100% with my content-creation ways, or you ain't in at all.

Also, one more important thing before buying:

The “guts” of this book was originally featured in the July 2019 issue of my Email Players newsletter. That means, if you have that particular issue, you already possess roughly 90% of what is inside this book, and will have to determine if it’s worth investing in it or not. Personally, I would not recommend buying it if you have that issue already, unless you have money to burn & simply want this book to adorn your office. And this goes triple for new product junkies and broke goo-roo fanboys who are given to buying everything but implementing nothing. If that’s you, realize there is nothing “cool!” or “ninja!” in this book you can brag about using to all your fellow broke, do-nothing friends on social media who are also just playing business. Go haunt someone else if that describes you. Especially since this book ain’t cheap, and you will simply waste yet more money on yet more information you will never use — just like everything else collecting dust on your book shelf.

Otherwise, use the link below to order your copy today.

When it arrives, it’s easily read in one or two sittings.

And I believe aggressive content-creators with real businesses can use it to make many times the cost back soon after.

Here is the link:

Your Pal,

Ben Settle

Copyright 2002- Settle, LLC. All rights reserved

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