How elBenbo's Giant Book About Writing Product Launch & Affiliate Campaign Emails Creates Profits For Businesses That Are Nothing Short Of OBSCENE!

"This book ain't cheap, and my methods won't work for every business," says this crotchety marketing specialist who uses email to make 7-figures in sales per year often working only about 10-minutes per day.

"But, if they can help me spank internet businesses with 10 times bigger lists, name recognition, and status than me... help my woman launch a part-time membership site business to a tiny list that gives her a better lifestyle than her full-time coaching business did.... and even help a friend stuck in a hospital bed after major spine surgery launch a successful consulting business in two hours (to a list of just 2,000 people).... they might work for your business, too — if you have a quality list, and if you're not a wimp about mailing it, a LOT...."

Ben Settle

Just a normal guy who shows businesses how to quickly cook up abnormally profitable product launches and affiliate email campaigns

Dear Friend,

If you want to quickly bank unusually big payouts in your business when launching new products or selling as an affiliate, then my book on the subject can show you how.

The book is called:

The Affiliate Launch Copynomicon

But, before I tell you about it, I'll give you the bad news first:

  1. This bizarre-looking book costs several hundred dollars
  1. There are no refunds or money-back guarantees
  1. And, it will not work for timid businesses afraid to mail aggressively

So that's the bad news.

The good news is, if your business has a quality email list (even if it's small) and if you have the guts to mail it the way I show you inside the book....

I Believe You Can Easily

Recoup Your Investment

Many Times Over

The Very First Time You Use It!

And to prove it, here's a small taste of what's inside:

  • An old selling strategy that makes it almost neurologically impossible for people to delete your launch and affiliate emails before opening them. (This was used by the sales trainer whose materials Zig Ziglar used to fill his seminars seats — and is so powerful, it persuaded even downright hostile leads to listen to every word of his sales pitches! Imagine what it can do for your emails.... Page 41.)
  • A sneaky way to (legally) "hack" into the phones of last-minute procrastinators and sometimes flip them into eager-to-buy customers! (This is one of the simplest methods I've ever seen to get people on the fence about my offers to buy on the spot. Page 37.)
  • A completely unorthodox way your business can make a bundle selling a product you know nothing about and have not even read the sales page for! (Believe it or not, this is one of the fastest, easiest, and most ethical ways to create quick sales I've ever used. Plus, it usually only takes a few minutes to the write emails to do it. Page 83.)
  • A mental trick used by one of the world's biggest eCommerce sites that can create a "feeding frenzy" of buying activity during product launch and affiliate campaigns. (Do it correctly, and it can help create an overwhelming need in your list to buy products they didn't even necessarily want! Page 36.)
  • A completely forgotten copywriting secret (originally discovered while making the world's first infomercial 70+ years ago) that can help create off-the-wall profits in your business's affiliate marketing campaigns! (The brilliant copywriter Eugene Schwartz accidentally stumbled on this back in the late 1940's — and I have found it to be so effective, it can work even if you "half-ass" your emails. In fact, in my experience, this one thing alone can make you way more sales from affiliate promotions than any other affiliate marketing "trick", tactic, or technique you'll learn anywhere else, for any price. See page 74.)
    • The 4-letter word you can put into a subject line that can get even people who normally never open your emails to perk up and buy from your business! (Your mileage may vary, but this has gotten more people reading and buying from my special offer emails than any other subject line tactic I've ever used. Page 726.)
    • A clever copywriting technique invented by the late advertising genius David Ogilvy that can get even people who often ignore you to enthusiastically open, read, and click your emails! (I have never heard a single internet marketing guru talk about this in almost 20 years of doing email — but it can easily make your
    • A clever copywriting technique invented by the late advertising genius David Ogilvy that can get even people who often ignore you to enthusiastically open, read, and click your emails! (I have never heard a single internet marketing guru talk about this in almost 20 years of doing email — but it can make your product launches and affiliate campaigns far more profitable, while also dramatically cutting down your opt-outs, too. See page 38.)

    Speaking with Brian Kurtz at one of his infamous Master Classes. Using my affiliate marketing methods, I easily demolished every other affiliate Brian used for his Titans of Direct Response program - including affiliates with lists 10 times bigger than mine. You can read the exact same email sequence I used and see the psychology behind them inside The Affiliate Launch Copynomicon.

    product launches and affiliate campaigns far more profitable, while also dramatically cutting down your opt-outs, too. See page 38.)

  • The "schoolyard playground" persuasion method that built my first 6-figure newsletter business by sending only 4 emails to a list of just 3,000 people! (This easily-applied tip has been responsible for every single one of the most profitable product launch and affiliate campaigns I've ever created. See page 30 for how it can work for your business, too.)
  • How releasing the "The Email Kraken" can as much as double, triple, and possibly even quadruple your product launch sales. (For some reason, there's always a lot of psychological resistance to doing this when I show it to people — but every time I do it, sales come in quickly, furiously, and predictably, with a fraction of the opt-outs anyone would expect. Details on page 31.)
  • How to create entire affiliate sequences of 7, 10, even 15 emails (or more) for your business in less time than it takes to watch your favorite sitcom! (And yes, it works even if you're a slow writer who usually takes hours to compose a single email. See page 86 for details.)
  • How to write blatant sales pitch emails people are so eager to read they may even thank you for sending them! (I heard one of the greatest affiliate marketers who ever lived routinely did this to sell over a dozen copies per month of a $997.00 eBook. Page 43.)
    • How to "jimmy" your email sequences to get people to (literally) lean in and read almost every word of your sales pitches! (Do it right, and they'll completely ignore the dozens of other emails, texts, phone calls, instant messages, social media pings, and other distractions competing for their attention. See page 46.)
    • A broadcast advertising tactic that can ramp your business's affiliate and product launch sales through the roof! (One of the most respected marketers who ever lived used this to pump up his offline advertising sales. And I have found it works just as well — if not better — to pump up online product launch and affiliate campaign sales, too. Page 51.)

    Enjoying a cold brew with Andre Chaperon & Ryan Levesque. When I sold Ryan's original Survey Funnel product, I beat the 2nd place affiliate (a "name" guru with a huge list) by 32% without so much as breaking a sweat. I show you the emails and the secret way I did it inside the Affiliate Launch Copynomicon.

  • 4 ways to give your business casino-like "house odds" when competing against other affiliates with much bigger lists, more name recognition, and more valuable bonuses to offer. (Doing just one of these can give you an enormous advantage over the other affiliates your business competes against. But in my experience, if you use all four of them, the odds will be stacked so high in your favor you almost can't lose! Read about them starting on page 56.)
  • When selling the best, highest quality products as an affiliate can destroy your business's income! (This is not a license to sell crappy products. But, if you're going to do affiliate marketing, you can make a lot more sales if you understand this quirk of human psychology. Read all about it on page 58.)
  • How "Earl's Law" can put your business light years ahead of other affiliates in terms of sales and results. (This was taught by one of the most popular success authors who ever lived. And it is so reliably effective for ramping up affiliate marketing sales, it will feel like you're playing chess while all the other affiliates competing against you drool on the carpet playing Connect Four! See page 59.)
    • The exact "magic" time to sell a product as an affiliate that not only makes your business the most sales.... but also attracts far higher quality customers who are far less likely to refund. (This is 100% opposite of what practically every affiliate marketing guru does — but I've gotten as many as 2-3 times more sales than usual every single time I've tested it. Page 67.)
    • How to tap into the hidden "gene pool" of leads already on your business's list who (1) are the biggest silent group of buyers on your list (2) are far less likely to refund and (3) make the best long-term buyers for all your other offers, too. (I picked this up from one of the first internet marketers who was already making a fortune online in the early 90's. And in my experience, using this tip found on page 68 can do more for your bottom line, peace of mind, and long term business goals than practically anything else you ever do for the rest of your online business career.)

    Relaxing on my deck with my woman Stefanie Arroyo. She used my methods to launch a part-time membership site business in a short weekend that (1) gives her a way better lifestyle than her former full-time coaching business did and (2) takes her only an hour or two per week to run

  • How to turn people who complain about you sending them too many emails into your very own unpaid "marketing interns." (Admittedly, most people don't have the stomach to do this and should ignore such people. But, if you follow the instructions on page 78, you can not only profit from complainers, you will probably find yourself purposely trying to agitate them since they can make your business so many extra sales!)
    • A secret way podcasters can potentially use to make several times more profits than normal during product launch and affiliate email campaigns. (First time I did this it astonished the seasoned internet marketer whose product I was selling as an affiliate. Later, it also helped me create the biggest product launch in the history of my business for a membership site. Page 85.)
    • An ancient marketing "law" that can crank up your business's holiday sales promotions like nothing else I've ever tested! (This is another one of those things hardly anyone thinks about or does online — yet it can not only make your holidays a lot jollier.... but it's especially useful if you ever need quick cash flow to meet employee payrolls

    With my pal Shane Hunter. Using my methods, he launched a new consulting business in two hours while helplessly laid-up in the hospital, unable to walk or even move his body without feeling excruciating pain after major spine surgery.

    and other financial emergencies, too. Page 97.)

  • A simple (but shrewd) strategy for using plain text emails and an ordinary cell phone to sell-out high ticket seminars and events! (Best part: no long sales letter, VSLs, or formal "pitch" required. Just emails and a phone. See how it works on page 646.)
  • An "oldie but goodie" way to potentially add hundreds — even thousands — of high quality leads to your business's email list in a single day! (NOTE: The Affiliate Launch Copynomicon is NOT in any way a "list building" book, but this powerful tip does pop up on page 730.)
  • And a whole lot more, including:

How to use email to "transmute" peoples' boredom into sales during holiday weekends (page 559).... How to almost eliminate spam complaints when sending lots of emails to your list in a small time frame (page 79).... a quickie "crash course" on my way of writing emails from start to finish (page 817).... How businesses with small lists can dominate affiliate contests (beginning on page 86).... and, perhaps the best part of all....

The Most Valuable

Email Copywriting Swipe File

Ever Assembled In One Book!

This is no exaggeration, either:

The Affiliate Launch Copynomicon includes over 600 pages of proven product launch, affiliate, and special sales email campaigns that have collectively made tens of millions of dollars in sales for everything from best-selling books.... to the biggest launch in one the world's largest copywriting education company's history.... to one of the most popular diet eBooks ever sold on kindle.... to obscure high ticket products that are normally hard to sell.... as well as software, events, and even fiction books. These "elBenbo's greatest hits" emails make up the main bulk of this book (the teaching content is only around 100 pages — short, and quick to read), and make great templates for virtually any product, service, or event your business sells. And, they have all been "field-tested" in real campaigns, for a variety of different products, across multiple different markets, at wildly varying prices. There is even a 4-day email sale template (found on page 694) you can easily adapt for your business to nearly any offer you want to....

Make Lots Of Quick Sales "On Demand"

With Just A Few Minutes Of Work.

And you want to know something else?

While I cannot make you any promises.... I believe if your business did nothing but use this 4-day email sale template to even a small list of qualified leads....

It'd Be Hard NOT To Make

Many Times The Cost Of The Book Back!

And the same goes for the rest of the information inside.

For example:

My girlfriend used the product launch info I included in the book to launch a part-time membership site business in a short weekend (while on vacation) to a small list, that gives her a better lifestyle than her former full-time coaching business did.

A New York Times best-selling author & world-famous political podcaster uses information I taught him that is found inside the book to as much as triple his holiday sales and other special promotions.

And a friend of mine (who only learned a small piece of my launch method) used what I taught him to launch a successful consulting business in two hours, to a list of only 2,000 people....

With my business partners Troy Broussard and Jack Born. I used my many ways of easily beating other affiliates to sell a couple of Jack's excellent software products that I still get commissions on years later. I also sold out an event I did with Troy in just a few emails using a secret technique for combining email with Troy's cell phone. You can see the emails and read the details about these campaigns inside The Affiliate Launch Copynomicon.

While Laying Helplessly In A Hospital Bed

In Debilitating Pain

After Major Spinal Surgery!

Plus, there are at least two business owners I know of who aren't even fully in the "internet marketing" world who have used the info I've included inside to win affiliate contests against "big name" internet marketers with much bigger lists, influence, and status in the industry.


I've also gotten "fan mail" from high profile business leaders I've taught or sold for as an affiliate, such as:

    • National best-selling author and Inc Magazine Top 5000 List member Ryan Levesque — who watched me handily spank all his other affiliates for one of his products, including people with much more recognizable names and much larger lists than mine. (You can see the exact emails I used starting on page 552....)
    • New York Times bestselling author and political celebrity Tom Woods — who uses what I taught him about special sales (the same info I teach starting on page 92) to now routinely create six-figure weekends during certain holidays for his business.
    • Online business thought-leader (with over 100,000 students worldwide) Danny Iny — who said the last time I mailed for him I did over double the sales
    • Online business thought-leader (with over 100,000 students worldwide) Danny Iny — who said the last time I mailed for him I did over double the sales their usual JV partners do. (You can see those emails, too, starting on page 478.)

    At the former office of Wardee Harmon's Traditional Cooking School in the Burgle. I never did meet her, but she went on to use my affiliate marketing secrets to double almost everyone's conversions in an affiliate contest full of top marketers with bigger lists than hers, and ended up in the top 3 for sales.

    their usual JV partners do. (You can see those emails, too, starting on page 478.)

  • The founding father of Internet marketing as we know it Ken McCarthy — who was so impressed with the numbers I pulled selling one of his more obscure high ticket products, he wanted to license the email campaign for his other affiliates.
  • And "for real" marketing legend (and former Executive Vice President of Boardroom Inc for almost 40 years) Brian Kurtz who has seen pretty much everything under the sun about marketing. But, after watching me more than double the sales of his other affiliates (including huge, well-known direct response marketing companies, with lists over ten times larger than mine) for one of his high ticket programs, he flew me in to talk to his students about how I did it at one of his master classes. (Yes, I show you this entire email sequence, too, beginning on page 368.)

Anyway, I could go on and on.

But, here's the deal:

The Affiliate Launch Copynomicon is a bulky and heavy 845 page physical book (there is no digital component) that costs $986, with free shipping worldwide.

This is admittedly extremely expensive for a mere "book."

And, it's not something you should buy for your business on impulse.

Especially since, as I mentioned earlier....

There Are No Refunds Or Guarantees,

And All Sales Are Final.

If that frightens or offends you, simply don't buy it.

I have a strict "burn the boats" policy — and this book ain't for timid business owners.

Otherwise, get your copy while you still can right here:

A note from the great Brian Kurtz after selling one of his products as an affiliate. The note says: You are superhuman! 44 Rutz orders is amazing Talk to you soon." Brian has profited many times from my methods via me using them to sell several of his offers. You can use the exact same methods when you get your hands on The Affiliate Launch Copynomicon...

Your pal,

Ben Settle

P.S. One more reminder, it's important:

The vast majority of this 800+ page book is email swipe file copy to study, model, adapt, and serve as inspiration for your own offers. Only a little over 100 pages of it is "how to" content. So if you are someone who judges information based on page count, you will be extremely disappointed, and should save your money. The teaching sections of the book are designed to be read and implemented fast — even in the same day, if you want, with the swipe file copy referenced as needed. I don't want this book to "cost" you anything — I want it to make your business many times your investment back as fast as humanly possible, and ideally the first time you use it.

P.P.S. If you want more proof my methods work, following are several pieces of the "fan mail" I just mentioned about my product launch and affiliate methods from people who have either witnessed what my methods can do (when I mailed for them), or applied parts of what I've taught in the past. But realize, my Affiliate Launch Copynomicon book is my complete product launch, affiliate marketing, and special sales methodology nobody has been able to learn in full until now. And, while only time will tell... I believe it will produce even bigger and more dramatic product launches and affiliate campaigns for people who use it....

Ben promoted my "Titans of Direct Response" package....a somewhat esoteric but powerful product which included videos, interviews and swipe files for the ages....but it needed lots of support and explanation to sell well. He not only endorsed it but because he believed in the product deeply, he presented it to his "list" in a way that enabled him to sell well over $100,000 (at $2,000 per package) to his raving fans. And he outsold every other affiliate I used for this program, almost all of which had larger lists than his....but clearly not as responsive. He even outsold others with lists 10 times the size of his.

Brian Kurtz Titans Marketing LLC (and former business builder of Boardroom Inc.)

Ben promoted one of my information products to his list as an affiliate. Even though his list is smaller than some of the bigger 'gooroos' who promoted the product.... Ben had the highest conversion rate among all affiliates to date. Prior to Ben promoting the highest conversion rate (sales vs. webinar registrants) was 21.6%. Ben blew that number out of the freakin' water with a 28.6% conversion rate (32% better) -- and 50% of those sales came on the LAST DAY when Ben sent not one.... not two.... but THREE emails to his list. (Heresy!) So in other words -- all that stuff Ben teaches about mailing OFTEN..... mailing MORE than you might think is prudent.... and using a TONE that might make you feel uncomfortable? It works. I've seen the numbers first hand. Ben generated over $20,685 in affiliate sales for me using what he teaches -- and he did those numbers in a single weekend! The man knows what he's talking about -- and more importantly, he practices what he preaches.

— Ryan Levesque National Best-Selling Author Of ASK

....14 sales out of 500 clicks for a $1000 product isn't bad at all for our list. All is well. $28 a click. Not bad at all. Thanks again for the opportunity. I appreciate it! Any way, we can license the promotion to other list holders? List owners get half. You and I split the rest. $28 a click is nothing to sneeze at....

— Ken McCarthy Founding Father of Internet Marketing

You did over double what our average partner does.... which is already pretty good. So damn, buddy!

— Danny Iny Best-selling author, and CEO of online business education company Mirasee with over 100,000 business students worldwide

Dude....This email put us in 1st place on this launch and doubled our sales on day 2. unheard of in our industry. SICK happy to do a testimonial and/or case study to help you out any way I can.... btw.... all the big guys are blown away that were only sending 1x per day....hitting unopens in the afternoon and crushing them on salezzz..... They're all sending 2-3x per day and they still can't keep up. BOOYA! appreciate you Ben!

Shaun Hadsall (One of the highest selling affiliates in the weight loss niche)

Ben -- your email launch style simply doesn't work. I was in the hospital, had a major spine surgery, and couldn't even walk until yesterday. Using your crumby methods I had to put in like 2 hours of work, and launched a successful consulting business while I was lifeless in the hospital..

— Shane Hunter The Abrasive Entrepreneur

By following Ben's methods, I was able to launch a part-time membership site business in a weekend that gives me a better lifestyle than my former full-time business did —with no webinar streams, funnel-building, paid traffic campaigns, or even having showing my face on social media in any way. (In fact, I was technically on vacation at the time.) So not only was it profitable—it was easy.

— Stefanie Arroyo
elBenbo's girlfriend

....I followed your 'last day affiliate promo' strategy for a client's business....and we brought in [the most sales] in the final 24 hours -- which was more than ANY other day in the entire 18 days we promoted the product. All this from a list of under 6,000 subscribers.

— Addison Rice Freelance Copywriter

I ordered that back issue of Email Players where you spell out the emails for the affiliate offer you do once per year on a holiday. I used the strategy/emails for an affiliate offer on Dec 28, 29. With a list size much smaller than the usual top affiliates, my conversion rate was double almost every one else's and I ended up in the top 3 for sales.

Wardee Harmon Owner of one of the largest online cooking schools in the world

Black Friday weekend is the biggest sales time of the year for my subscription site, Last year we did the most sales ever for that in over the four days (including Cyber Monday). This year, post-Ben, we will have done almost three times more sales by the time we close down the offer at midnight Pacific Time.

— Tom Woods New York Times Bestselling Author

Got the November issue yesterday. Great stuff. Since I subscribed two months ago, I am making double what I was before on my one niche where I sell affiliate products and this niche is a very tough crowd to sell to.

— Mike Martel

I'm 2 days in, so far made about 82 sales (as per your instructions I'm doing it at 60% off during launch, until sunday night). The funny part, my "pre-launch" list was only 320 people big.... so 2 days in out of 320 who raised their hand, 82 have already moved in. This is crazy, considering I've had no big gun affiliates promoting me or anything!!! Basically, I just wanted to say big thanks for the strategy that's already bringing in ten fold of my investment in the newsletter issue that walks you thru it!

Igor Kheifets The "Solo Guy"

I thought you'd like to know about the latest 'fire sale' we ran which finished at 4pm on Friday. We ran the offer from Monday through to Friday. That included a total of 9 emails in that time with 4 on Friday. The results have been nothing short of amazing.... 30 new members joined online and 10 offline. Unfortunately about 10 of these are in sold areas, but net 30 of which probably 20 will stick long term. The emails went to 843 of our opt-ins (almost 5% conversion!).

Steve Hackney

I participated in an affiliate launch (ended last night) where I was up against some really big names (Darren Rowse of ProBlogger was in the #1 spot on the last leaderboard update.) And me with my little sublist of 1200 was holding strong in spot #4, due to your strategies. Who knows, maybe with the 4 emails I sent yesterday, I moved up even higher. So thanks for all that you do.

Sarah Mueller

I did 2 weeks of prep emails, teasing all the way. I setup the VIP optin page on my website. Everything. Again, the entire list I was emailing was only 93 people. But I knew they were a very interested, very specific, very targeted 93 people. 32 of them signed up for the VIP optin. When all was said and done with this launch, 21 of the 32 VIP optins purchased the product. I know, 21 buys is not a lot. But when you consider it was from a list of 93 total people (22.6% conversion) and from a list of only 32 VIP double optins (65.6% conversion), I was very happy indeed.

— Doug Pew

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