Businessman accused of being Facebook “cult leader” reveals how to crown yourself king of your own social media underworld — and rule over a fanatical following so eager to obey your commands & so frothing-at-the-mouth to buy your offers it’s almost… MANIC!

I once ran a Facebook group called elBenbo’s Lair that was so psychologically & emotionally addictive I was sometimes literally accused of being a cult leader. It was a ‘World’ unto itself — full of laws, digital harems, spy networks, corporate warfare, & soap opera-like storylines. There were so many discussions happening people were routinely locked out & tossed into ‘Facebook jail’ due to its algorithms assuming they were bots. Lots of money was made. Some hearts were broken. And entire businesses were created from scratch — as well as lifelong business & personal relationships, including at least one marriage.

“In this letter I’m revealing exactly what I did to get such surreal results and how you might do the same. However, a lot of what I did was admittedly ‘cult-like’ & manipulative. And I’m not necessarily proud of everything

Ben Settle

Shows businesses how to create hordes of obedient & hungry-to-buy social media followers

I did to make it so successful. Some of it I even completely disavow. So if you’re squeamish about controversy & terrified of criticism, you best take a pass. Because if you follow my ways you’ll probably get both in spades!”

Dear Friend,

If you want to know how I used social media to help collectively sell hundreds of new offers & Email Players subscriptions… almost effortlessly fill the rooms of some live events… and turn my email list into possibly the single most responsive list in my industry… then my new book reveals all the zany & bizarre details.

The book is called:

Social Lair

And like all my books, it ain’t cheap.

But it can help you cheaply create a fanatical customer base & following by showing you the exact game plan I used to build what was (according to many of its members) one of the most rabidly engaged & helplessly addictive social media groups in my niche. It was also extremely profitable, too — full of what I call “berserker” customers, who cheerfully obeyed every word I said, savagely battled trolls & haters on my behalf, and practically frothed-at-the-mouth to buy the offers I sold. And even though I ran it all on Facebook, my methods can be adapted & used on almost any social networking platform where you can isolate people into a group — including a simple online message board or forum, if you want.

Here’s a sneak preview of what’s inside:

  • Why “give value!” is the dumbest advice you can ever listen to if you want over-the-top engaged & eager-to-buy social media followers. (Probably the single most profitable thing I ever did on social media to sell more books, get more paid newsletter subscribers, and grow an almost irrationally passionate following was to forbid anyone from giving value. You can see how it worked on page 67.)
  • 10 dignified ways to use trolling on social media to enrich your brand, status, reputation, & sales. (Including my harrowing “troll head” method for riling up your best customers… the MILF Launch secret for keeping your members from buying inferior products… how to whip up a fury of downvotes on slanderous videos & 1-star reviews unfairly attacking you… the Obama-in-the-subject line tip for profiting from trolls I learned from an Agora Financial copywriter who does nearly $1 million per year in royalties… and the list goes on. Page 200.)
  • A totally filthy, unprofessional, & even downright uncivilized way of using exiling to keep your social media audience in a constant state of fight or flight… terrified of being banished for the slightest of infractions! (Admittedly, this is almost exclusively used by abusive people. But if you use it ethically the way I show you on page 180, it not only can make for a happier fanbase, it can also make for a lot less trolls, and a lot more cheerful paying customers for your business, too.)
  • An “Evil Cult Leader 101” method you can use to manipulate your social media followers into fighting each other for your attention. (A very handy tool for everything from getting someone wanting to buy your offers to wanting to date you. Even though this is a bit Machiavellian, if you do it right you won’t hurt anyone. And I doubt you’ll have any hangups about the results. See page 91.)
  • How to create your very own “Testimonial Olympics” inside social media — with your followers competing over who can give your offers the most praise & best reviews. (Do what’s taught on page 313 exactly as explained — do NOT deviate — and 1 testimonial can potentially beget 2, 5, even 10 or more testimonials.)
  • A clever trick (used by a notorious comedian & talk show host) that can routinely get your social media posts as many as 100, 500, & even 1,000 comments or more. (I used to enjoy running this admittedly eerie method I learned from a completely “fringe” comedian on my audience right before bed. And, almost like clockwork… I’d often wake up to hundreds of comments & dozens of engaged readers psychologically trapped inside my platform — often ignoring the rest of the world, and sometimes not able to look away even for a minute. It works great in emails, too. In fact, it’s the best way I’ve ever used to get the upper hand over other businesses with bigger lists, bigger social media audiences, and bigger circles of influence. Page 137.)
  • The blatantly creepy “mock the dead” secret for bonding with your audiences & breathing new life into your sales. (While also helping turn as many of your followers as possible into paying customers, new clients, live event attendees, and so on. Page 273.)
  • How to turn dead comment threads into new sales, leads, & business. (If you see a thread full of cobwebs, spice it up with the info on page 181 and watch what happens…)
  • A spooky-effective way of creating your own “Narrative” to potentially get so much ridiculous amounts of influence, engagement, & sales it might freak you out! (Fact: No matter how free, independent, or critical a thinker you pride yourself on being… you are following the Narrative of someone, somewhere, and in some way. The news you watch & believe has a Narrative. The teachers you like & learn from have a Narrative. The entertainment you consume & buy has a Narrative. The people you vote for, trust your money with, trust to write your prescription medications, and let hang around you have Narratives. And those Narratives are able to effortlessly convince you & everyone else they influence to do whatever it is those Narrative-creators desire. I doubt 1 in 10,000 businesses use this powerful tool. But when you use it the way I teach up in Social Lair on page 125, you can potentially build a following so fanatically loyal to your business, it’ll very likely startle you. That’s what happened in my case, at least.)
  • The amazing money-making secret behind the phenomenon I invented called…

“Email List Laundering”

I didn’t want anyone stealing my thunder on this.

And because of that:

I didn’t breathe a single word about it to anyone before writing this book. But one of the big secrets that made elBenbo’s Lair so absurdly engaging… that has helped make my email list so absurdly responsive… and that has created a fanbase so absurdly eager to buy my offers… is how I used social media to “launder” my email list.

Yes, not unlike how a drug dealer launders money.

Here’s what I mean:

Like a drug dealer cleans his ill-gotten gains both literally in a washing

machine and also figuratively by circulating it as fast as possible into other holdings… I “laundered” my email subscribers through elBenbo’s Lair in a similar way. And the result was turning what was already an extremely responsive & engaged email list into what I believe is…

The #1 Most

Responsive Email List

In My Niche.

At least going by testimonials from various JV partners.

Like, for example, the great Brian Kurtz.

He’s the former Executive Vice President of a $100+ million direct response company who helped build a 9 million name database from which he oversaw 1.5 billion pieces of mail… while curating, testing, and mailing thousands of lists. (i.e., he knows a responsive list when he sees one). And he said calling my list a mere “list” does it a disservice due to how many times it has out-sold his other affiliates with 10 times more name recognition, and with lists 10 times the size of mine.

The point is this:

I have traced a huge bulk of my list’s response power to list laundering.

And while it’s a very simple method nobody uses, the quality of buyer can be truly mind-boggling. As can be the quality of the relationship you have with those buyers. All you have to do is launder your list the way I show you starting on page 37 (assuming your offers genuinely improve their lives) and I believe those buyers could very well become almost hyper-loyal to you, hyper-grateful to you, and…

Hyper-Eager To Do More Business

With You For Years & Decades

Into The Future.

And that’s just for starters, here’s what else you’ll learn:

  • A powerful storytelling technique used by professional soap opera writers (that I learned from studying the late TV producer Aaron Spelling) that can add multiple layers of depth, fun, & new sales to your social media shenanigans. (Some of the antics shown in Social Lair were completely off-the-wall insane & sometimes even borderline cruel… and not something I’d ever tell my mom about. But I can’t deny all the new business that resulted. See page 277.)
  • The ballsy secret behind history’s most influential communicators for posting content people have almost no choice but to read, interact with, and — if you are selling something — want to buy from. (Savvy communicators love using this tactic while their cowardly competitors are too afraid to even try. It was used, for example, by Zig Ziglar who was the single most successful motivational speaker for 40 years. As well as Donald Trump… Steve Jobs… and nearly every unusually influential writer, politician, author, entertainer, and, yes, marketer/copywriter/business person who ever lived. You can start doing it, too — if you have the guts — by doing what you read on page 163.)
  • A devious & underhanded (but 100% legal & ethical) way to get social media gurus with lots of influence & huge audiences to help you build YOUR influence & audience on the sneak. (Ironically, the businessman I learned this from wouldn’t touch social media with a 10-foot pole. Too bad for him, as he’s missing out on a fortune in easy sales. Page 46.)
  • Bizarre tricks for using exaggerated, obnoxious, & downright nonsensical drama to keep people helplessly engaged with your social media platform almost day & night. (And of course, when you have something to sell… this can make it an almost no-brainer to whip up a flurry of buying activity, too. Page 111.)
  • A psychological technique (that’s been used by notoriously charismatic leaders for thousands of years) for creating a feeling of not just urgency… but outright EMERGENCY… in your audience to compulsively engage & check in. (Believe it or not, if you use this the way I did up in elBenbo’s Lair then it can not only help keep your group tighter-knight & full of higher quality people… but those people might naturally be more likely to buy your offers, too. Page 114.)
  • A persuasion secret I learned from a celebrity trial lawyer who never loses that can help create an almost casino-like effect on social media — where YOU are now your followers’ entertainment, their TV, & maybe even their very reality. (You will know you are doing it right when people haunting your social media platform complain they are not getting enough work done, not getting enough sleep, not enjoying enough family time, not hanging out with friends, not paying attention on dates, and not even bothering to look at their other social media accounts anymore. See how I pulled this ditty off on page 171.)
  • Yet another powerful cult trick that can keep your social media followers anxiously hanging around & doing your bidding. (There is nothing inherently sinister about this — and it was even perfected by the giant MLM company Mary Kay, in particular. But I found it endlessly useful for growing my platform’s status, prestige, engagement levels, and sales. Plus it can potentially help you secure future joint ventures with guru-types in your industry and maybe even get your own offers more likely to be bought. Page 305.)
  • A social “choke hold” technique that can make people almost desperate to want to join, participate in, and engage with your social media group. (Back in the early 90’s the late, brilliant Marvel Comics editor Mark Gruenwald wrote a column that accidentally made millions of people obsessed with working for Marvel Comics. A couple decades later, I deliberately applied exactly what he did in that column to elBenbo’s Lair. The result was hundreds of people tirelessly working to prove themselves worthy of not only my attention & approval… but to even be allowed to stay inside at all! This is an extremely crafty tactic. And probably it will be snubbed by most social media gurus who read it. But since I care more about your sales than their candy-ass fluffpreneur opinions, I decided to teach it on page 334.)
  • How to use contests to keep your social media followers, lurkers, & customers practically fist-fighting each other over who will get the most recognition from you. (Which can sometimes potentially lead to many more short term sales… as well as long term customers who legitimately enjoy the process of engaging with & buying from your business. Page 263.)
  • A blatantly (and deplorably) manipulative way of creating bonafide addiction in your social media followers so they are all but constantly…

Feening To Check In

& Engage With

Your Platform!

I won’t even bother trying to “sugarcoat” this.

The method I am referring to can create legitimate dependence on your platform that can be so creepily manipulative… so emotionally, psychologically, & hormonally addictive… and sometimes so deviously lucrative… most business owners won’t even attempt it. Especially to the extent I did. And that’s perfectly okay. Not everyone is cut out to handle the pressures & criticisms of being a shameless (but benign!) “digital drug pusher” like I was up in elBenbo’s Lair.

However before you judge me as the devil, realize this:

If you’re on social media at all, you’re already being manipulated in many insidious ways — whether you realize it or not, insist you’re immune” to it or not, or even spend a lot of time on there or not.

No matter what site it is, I can virtually guarantee it is relentlessly


You Down.



Comment-by-comment — whether you’re lurking or engaging.

It’s obvious to the rest of us who are not on the major social media sites anymore. For example: whenever I talk to or even so much as exchange emails with a typical social media user, it’s astonishing how dulled their thinking, imagination, & decision-making is. All of this is by design, too. It is a well-known phenomenon with probably thousands of collective pages written about it in prestigious medical & psychology journals.

Fact is, social media is ALL about creating addiction.

And it’s very shrewd in the way it works.

In fact, it’s been observed by some experts that if social media were a consumable product — like a drink, shake, or pill — it would have been banned long ago by all the world’s governments if for no other reason than…

The Sheer Numbers

Of Suicides That Have

Been Tied To Its Use!

Facebook’s co-founder Sean Parker even it admitted as such.

(He literally said, God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains.”)

That’s what happens when platforms create a constant state of emotional highs & lows like what one experiences in an abusive relationship. And while I admit elBenbo’s Lair exploited what Facebook was already doing… it was also a direct counteraction to a lot of it.


All you have to do is look at the results my group got — including improved

family lives & friendships. Improved writing & selling skills. Even improved romantic relationships & marriages during a time when divorce rates are skyrocketing on the rest of social media. The way I saw it, if people were going to be addicted anyway, they were better off being addicted to elBenbo’s Lair than to their main Facebook timelines, Twitter feeds, Instagram stories, TV shows, and other entertainment dulling their minds, mangling their hormones, and making them less effective human beings.

Which brings me back to Social Lair:

Starting on page 94 you will see exactly how I turned social media from a place of dull-witted & hive mind-enslaved schlubs addicted to clicks & likes… into a place of intelligently-engaged thinkers, informed buyers, and happy customers.

Here’s even more of what you’ll discover inside:

  • A superbly effective direct marketing trick (nobody seems to use anymore) for making your social media followers literally feel silly for even thinking about buying from anywhere but your business. (Yes, even if your competitors have superior marketing, better products, & bigger followings. Page 261.)
  • How I filled a “standing room only” event in Napa, California in less than a week — with people traveling from all around the world to attend. (No long form sales letter. No 15+ emails campaign. No dramatic launch. I simply made a few posts, sent a few emails, and BAM — it was sold out a full 6 months beforehand. Details found on page 349.)
  • A secret used by Johnny Carson (the undisputed King of Late Night) for finding the perfect moderator to keep the peace in, keep the riff-raff out, and keep the money flowing over. (A major factor in Johnny Carson’s $300+ million fortune is in how he picked his attorney & business manager Henry Bushkin. I applied something similar to what Johnny did to pick a moderator for elBenbo’s Lair who not only helped me grow my audience… but she saved me a lot of time, assisted in building my brand & influence even bigger, and allowed me to focus on all my crazy antics to keep the engagement & my business’ profits going strong. See page 81.)
  • A sneaky trick I learned over 20 years ago from a radical left-wing talk radio show host in Chicago that is like bathing your entire social media audience in “digital truth serum.” (In many ways, this was the main reason why my posts routinely went hundreds of comments deep, with the engagement getting so feeding frenzy” intense people often couldn’t pull themselves away — including posting & commenting in bathrooms while on dates & in closets while hanging out with their families during holidays. Page 166.)
  • The secret to banning people and not feeling guilty about it. (This was never a problem for me. But it is often a problem for more sensitive types — especially a lot of women I’ve talked to on the subject, I have noticed. And even though the advice I give up in Social Lair is used by evil & abusive people to keep their victims compliant… if you do it in the ethical way I teach on page 413 you won’t be abusing anyone. Instead, you’ll be protecting your best followers from abuse. That may sound a bit nutty to some. So maybe it’ll help if I also tell you that part of it is based upon something judges have done for centuries to help keep law & order in society.)
  • A special kind of “game” you can play on your social media followers to potentially multiply engagement & response to your offers as much as 2, 3, even 4 fold over time. (I almost didn’t want to give this particular secret away in the book. I can already see people trying to foolishly abuse it as some kind of dishonest hack. But for better or worse, you can read about it on page 69.)
  • The ins-and-outs of creating your own “Spy Network” that eagerly reports back to you whenever anyone betrays you (including so-called friends) or tries selling you out. (Complete with sending you screenshots & digging up dirt on your enemies. By the way, if all this sounds overly dramatic that’s because what I teach about social media inside the book is far more like corporate & psychological warfare than just business-as-usual. Which is one of the many reasons why it can be so profitable. See page 242.)
  • How to use the above Spy Network to sow discord amongst your competitors & enemies. (Which can sometimes mean more sales for your business if you properly exploit the situation when it happens. Page 248.)
  • An under-the-radar technique infamously used by writer Chris Claremont (who used it to take the Uncanny X-Men comicbook series from such dismal sales it was nearly canceled… to being the world’s #1 selling comicbook for the 17 years he wrote it) for practically forcing people to respond to your social media posts. (Interesting fact: when another comicbook writer named Peter David caught on to Claremont’s secret, he started doing the same thing to the Incredible Hulk title to get even better results. You can see what they did and how to use it to get big impact from even a small social media following on page 195.)
  • A sneaky corporate warfare tactic that is perhaps…

The Most Reliable Way Ever Invented

For Getting Nearly Unlimited Amounts

Of Engagement & Response!

Listen to this true story:

A few years back, there was a checklist for getting “engagement” floating around Facebook. I don’t remember all the specifics. But I do remember it contained a bunch of phrases, questions, and tricks for getting people to respond and engage on social media. A lot of it was about as exciting as asking someone about the weather, what their favorite color is, or if they prefer Coke or Pepsi. In fact, those may very well have been word-for-word questions on that list! And as dumb it sounds (and it was dumb) you had a ton of people using that list on the same gene pool” and cross sections of social media followers, who were sharing those exact same questions, with the exact same people, who already saw it on other peoples’ timelines & in other peoples’ groups.

Anyway, as dumb as it was, it was also useful.

And the reason why is because it showcased just how lacking in personality and how utterly boring so many self-described influencers”, social media experts, and branding coaches really are. It was obvious if you take away their flash & dash lifestyle videos, iPhone-filtered selfies, and rented airplanes & mansions in 3rd world countries… that they are as flakey as a head of dandruff.

I bring this up for one reason, and one reason only:

We Always Had

The Exact Opposite Problem

Up In elBenbo’s Lair.

My group was always like a nuclear bomb of engagement.

Even to the point — as I mentioned earlier — where some people often got tossed in Facebook jail due to all the rapid-fire posting & commenting. Believe it or not, sometimes there were so many posts & threads going on people couldn’t even tell if they were inside my group or not, and would post something intensely personal on their main timelines thinking they were safely inside elBenbo’s Lair. One woman even tried to “booty call” me thinking she was inside my group, only to discover she did it on her main wall for all to see. This kind of engagement naturally resulted in a much bigger business for me, and a much more entertaining experience for everyone else. Starting on page 117 Social Lair shows you teachings, examples & word-for-word posts so you can see precisely how I orchestrated a social media environment where I was king, and where if I decreed engagement & sales, then engagement & sales is what I got — all the time, practically 24/7, almost like clockwork.

I believe almost anyone else can do the same, too.

In fact, I’d argue the more you do this…

The More Successful

Your Business Will Become.

Best part:

Since this is based on hardcore corporate & psychological warfare, it’ll simply be too unnerving for the average business owner. Which means if YOU do it, you might have that much easier of a time scooping up all the extra attention, engagement, and sales you want.

Here are a few more of the tips inside Social Lair:

  • How a woman can use social media to get the attention of a high-value man other women are competing for. (Nothing directly to do with business, necessarily. But it’s relevant for women wanting a successful & confident man. Page 255.)
  • How a man can use social media to spice up his love life, date sexy women, and even find a wife, if he chooses. (Again, nothing directly to do with business. But it is what it is. See page 277.)
  • A (literally!) battle-tested tactic used by history’s greatest military generals for getting your social media followers working hard to be in your world, spreading the “gospel” about you, and sometimes even wanting to buy your offers on the spot. (I picked this up from a controversial war game designer who also writes epic fantasy war novels, and publishes books by an Israeli historian who is one of the world’s most respected writers on military history & strategy. I cannot make you any guarantees. But I believe the more you do what he teaches that you can see on page 363, the more your followers will want to follow you, the more your fans will want to fanboy out, and the more your buyers will want to buy what you offer.)
  • An uncanny method discovered by some brilliant social scientists for using social media to create unshakable loyalty for your business. (I have also found this works just as well — maybe even better — in all-other forms of customer & list management, as well. See page 324.)
  • How to identify “stealth haters” who will pose as friends wanting to help… but really want to bring your entire business crashing down! (These types of guys — they are always male, never female — will be very eager to help you with your social media antics. But they will eventually almost certainly try to get you banned & cancelled, and maybe even destroy your business. They abound in corporate America, and cost some companies billions of dollars in revenue while making themselves all-but-impossible to fire. Social Lair goes into great detail about these guys — including what their “marks” are and how to know when you are dealing with one. This is especially vital to know if you intend to have moderators, minions, and other people helping you. Page 243.)
  • A totally unorthodox 1990’s-style chatroom method for whipping up your social media audience into a starving horde of active & engaged comment sharks… instead of the typical lurking & bottom-feeding comment carp most platforms get. (This was invented decades ago in chat rooms & on bulletin boards notorious for their explosive 24/7 engagement. Social Lair shows you how to use it to get people so engaged with your posts you may even have to warn them to get some sleep for their own health! That’s no joke or exaggeration, either. See why on page 176.)
  • A neat little trick for “coaxing” prominent members inside your social media platform into creating potentially thousands of dollars worth of content for you without paying for it. (Including full-on informational products if you choose — that you can leverage their names & credibility with — you can sell at a premium. See page 65.)
  • A real life case study on how to “side step” slanders & personal attacks against you… and then flip them into potentially thousands of dollars in sales for your business. (After seeing how profitable doing what I describe beginning on page 183 can be, I started aggressively goading trolls & haters into attacking me. The result was almost always more sales, more influence, & more engagement pouring in from all directions. However, I don’t recommend this if you have a weak stomach or thin skin. You’ve been warned…)
  • The ballsy thing Steve Jobs did (that the tech media despised him for) to protect his customers from hackers, porn, & spam… that you can use to protect your platform from haters, cancel culture psychopaths, & trolls wanting to poach your members. (Walt Disney did this exact same thing to keep unsavory people out of his theme parks, too — with the media hating him for it just as passionately as they hated Jobs. Using this info will almost certainly get you mocked & laughed at by some people like it did for those business giants. But in my experience, it can also make you like the proverbial rock star amongst your followers if you do it right— with your social media platform becoming the only place they really want to be. Page 47.)
  • The Count Dante secret for potentially creating thousands of new sales, a horde of new followers, and a fanatical base of raving new customers by igniting a series of…

Social Media Wars”

This is so crazy, I almost didn’t give it away.

It could, after all, be used “against” me!

But since I’m not on social media anymore, I’m giving up the goods.


Crazy as it sounds, my goal was to ultimately have a less gut-wrenching (and with none of the violence) version of the infamous Count Dante’s Dojo Wars.” Back in the 60’s & 70’s he created such a cult-like following, he was able to engineer a series of wars with other martial arts dojos to further grow his brand & fame — which ended up consisting of attempted arson, booze, dynamite, building invasions, and, tragically, the death of one of his best friends & students.

It all got out of hand for him, and he…

Ultimately Died Of

Stress-Induced Ulcer Bleeding

At The Height Of His Fame.

Obviously, you don’t want that.

But what you might want is the information up inside Social Lair that shows you how to apply the “Framework” of what he did to potentially create all kinds of fanatical engagement, loyalty, & sales from your social media followers.

However, a warning:

Doing this sort of thing via the intelligent use of a Spy Network (you can start reading about on page 235) or picking fights with other groups (you can read about on page 183) turned into some pretty crazy events. Like, for example, when one of my “social media wars” resulted in harassment & outright death threats against one of the members inside.

Again, that’s not the goal, and it shouldn’t be hostile at all.

It should be a benevolent war.

Not A Bloodbath.

This is business, not Braveheart.

Okay, that ought to give you an idea of what to expect from the book.

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty:

Social Lair is a 400+ page physical book (no PDFs exist) that costs $555.00 with free shipping worldwide. And, like all my books…

There Are Absolutely

No Guarantees Or Refunds,

And All Sales Are Final.

That means you’re either in or you’re out.

Weenie milquetoast marketers won’t get any value out of it anyway. So if that is

you, then in all seriousness, you’d be much better served not wasting your money on something you will never really use, much less ever really understand. Otherwise, if you’re in, use the link below to order it today.

Your copy will ship as fast as possible unless I’m sold out.

And if that is the case, it may take a few weeks to get to you, since it’s a hard cover book that takes a lot longer to restock than soft cover books.

So if you want it, the sooner you order the better.

Here is the link:

Your Pal,

Ben Settle

P.S Here are just a handful of comments from people who were inside my old elBenbo’s Lair group to give you an idea of what Social Lair can potentially do for your business & customers:

It's truly stunning how many great, long-lasting friendships and business alliances I personally gained from those hours of addictive time-wasting in the Lair. Friends like Stefania (as you call her), Misty Mozejko, Stefanie Klenner, Terri Melling Sassone, Galel Fajardo, Vicky Fraser, Faith Sage, Molly Pearson, Candice Parsons, Nathan Tschappler, Lisa Rangel, Charles Bram, Lauren Hazel…I could go on, I'm sure I'm leaving some folks out. We all have this amazing friendship and connection—plus they've been invaluable to my business—all as a result of the infamous ‘Lair’. Then there were the many knowledge bombs you and so many others dropped so generously that helped me build my copy training business in its early days. So, thank you!

Kim Krause Schwalm, A-List Copywriter and Copy Mentor

The chat conversations that spawn off the Lair are warped. It's plumbing the depths of the human psyche for sure!

— Sean Kaye

Just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks. Getting into your world has been one of the most profitable things I've ever done, both professionally and personally. I've made more money implementing your ways and have met some really good people who I don't think I would have otherwise.

— Brad Greyeyes-Brant

the lair is now the black hole of FB, pulls all members to it.

— Marty McDonald

It’s fun watching you with the herd, because none of them have any idea what you're doing with The Lair.

Shane Hunter

being active in [elBenbo’s Lair] allowed me to be myself and get my confidence back – and that now translates in other areas on and offline.

— Nicole “Grim Reaper” English

I spoke with a new potential client today and the new rates just rolled off my tongue. I didn't hesitate and he didn't blink. Hhmmm maybe I didn't raise them enough. Two weeks ago one of my clients' client's tried to hire me direct despite a non solicitation clause. I educated them on ethics. They swore they wouldn't go through my client. I continued to decline & do they right thing. They cut a PO for 1,000 hours at my higher rate to my client today. I'm not sucking up… not really my style. But I can unequivocally say that since hanging in the Lair, I've grown a pair! So this valueless group (fingers crossed) will push my one women consulting biz to multiple 6 figures for the first time since I went independent in 2013. I'm going to bust my fugking ass to get there but I'm also plugging away on my 10 Minute workday so these insane hours are only temporary. Thank you Ben for creating something truly unique that forces you to think differently and by default kick major ass.

— Terri Melling Sassone

____ blocked me from ____. She told me one of the members thinks Im SO loyal to you, they wont be safe to speak their minds without it getting straight back to you.

— Identity Anonymous By Request

I recently joined ElBenbo’s Lair – a place of dark irreverence and uncommonly good wisdom on all things copywriting. At first glance the tsunami of testosterone might appear overwhelming for the female of the species. I’d encourage you to look beyond that, and even use those insights to fuel your writing. Cautionary notices : Petals who are easily bruised need not apply. Exposure to the Lair is highly likely to lead to an involuntary desire to get Email Players. You have been warned.

— Tanya Smith-Lorenz

Remember how you used to say participating in the Lair would make us rich? well, it was true, but not just financially… I evacuated way ahead of Irma ended up in DC, and guess who has been checking on me and helping me every step of the way… friends? family? nope! Old Lair friends.

Jenny Sjolund

Ben groks what the psychologist Rollo May said, ‘The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice, it is conformity.’ From his pulpit, Ben preaches and bellows, ‘Stop conforming, think for yourself, take the road less traveled.’ Too many people choose death over thinking for themselves. Not literal death like when I scooped the last shovel of dirt on the grave. But killing off parts of themselves to fit in, be accepted, do whatever it takes to avoid scorn, ridicule, rejection. They do what I have done too often in my own life. Give up on what makes me alive. These ‘small compromises’ done often enough can lead to becoming a zombie without the fearsome looks. I think there is no other place on this planet that says ‘We kill you (banishment) if you bring value to our group.’ The Lair forces you to think differently.

— Pete Menlo

btw.. are you getting married and having a baby? i can never tall what is serious or joking in the lair.

— Ryan Lee

I am forever thankful for that opportunity, because had I not written some of that cringe-worthy stuff, I would have been light years from realizing I love that space so much. Thanks for letting me flail, swim, and sometimes nearly drown. And as much as you make fun of coaches, I just finished getting certified as a marriage coach back in August. I still attribute my role as lady lair to being the starting point of this journey. It’s taken me since 2017 to get to this point and it may take me another two years to get my program and book done etc, simply because my babies and homeschool just mean so much more in terms of my priorities during this time in my life. But, I’ll get there and I’m glad to have the long-term vision I started to develop in the lair. Thank you for that dark, devious, and—sometimes—delightful space.

Holly Mthethwa

I just want to thank you for having my back when all the craziness went down with __ in your group. That was the first time I had been under attack publicly in front of all kinds of successful people, and I remember I cried like a baby that night from the nerves of the experience. But you defended me and called out the bullshit, which I didn't have the strength, experience, or courage to do. Then you sent me some medicine in the mail (your Cryptomarketing book) to help strengthen my backbone. And it worked like you wouldn't believe.

Today I came under attack again, but this time in a very small group with a bunch of people from the esl industry (several who are YouTubers with hundreds of thousands of followers). A few people were making a scene, namecalling, and being extremely rude. But I kept it professional and stuck to the facts. I used the opportunity the same way I used what happened in your group, to stand out and make amazing connections with everyone else… the smart, savvy professionals. While half the group complained, others started messaging me privately, adding me as a friend, booking appointments on my calendar to get to know me more, and already telling me they want to do affiliate work with me in 2018. As I was thinking about the whole ordeal, I realized how I really kept my calm through this whole thing… and I can attribute that back to what I learned from the experience I had with you in your group. Half the people in this stupid esl group are kissing ass and calling-names. The other half are successful professionals… we might even leave to form our own group, lol.

But I used your methods to stand up for truth, be polarizing, and use this whole experience to my benefit. So, thanks again for everything, especially the medicine. Remember, you're helping so many people… even when you don't even realize it. Hope you are doing well!

Stefanie Klenner

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